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Though I speak with "the tongues of angels"

You may have noticed that we have started a new section in the Remnant site. After consultation with web designers and advertising professionals, we came up with the most scientifically appropriate name of 'Further Studies'. Ha ha. These will be shorter "one off" studies - pertinent for day to day issues, but not long enough for a study series. They are subject matters that need raising, but they will be different than our other papers.We will cover subjects like tithing, prayer and fasting etc, issues we want to help bring clarity to - (particularly where the modern church has failed to teach and enlighten) YOU - the "believers," Joe and Jane Everyman.

People have been taught incorrectly on these issues - often to their detriment. It may not have been taught with evil intent, but it is no less "the blind leading the blind." I would rather question my beliefs (if they are wrong) and follow the truth than give myself over to a deception. We hope you all feel the same way!
As always, the Word must be our standard and our studies will continue to be lavish with scripture so you the reader can follow along and test the scholarship. You might well say afterwards that we are full of crap...Hey, that is your privilege.

My own story of "speaking in tongues" was that I practiced them (with the modern understanding) within  Pentecostal/Evangelical churches for over 30 years. And enthusiastically I might add! I was a powerhouse in it. Then one day, after having left my last church and while this ministry was in its infancy, I felt prompted to look at the Word regarding "tongues." - especially after I was questioning everything that I thought I knew in God anyway! I did this small study which I am posting here. After looking at the overwhelming evidence, I realized I was in error and I had to repent of practicing "tongues."

Now I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I thought I was good at it! It was hard to give up. When I started to pray, I had to consciously think about NOT starting off in tongues! It took a while. Every once in a while I feel an urge straight out of habit. It felt real while I did it. It felt purposeful while I did it, but it MUST come into line with the Scriptures! Boy are our carnal natures and desires deceptive! We CAN Deceive even ourselves. So much of what we think in our time in church as being Godly is just NOT. It is fleshly, carnal and has NO relationship with actual Scripture except for maybe sharing similar language. Because we see the words "speaking in tongues" in scripture, we incorrectly assume that what we see is the same thing as what we have been taught, when it just isn't so!

So here is my little study....Please look at the main study on our site and prayerfully consider the issue.

God Bless

The Team at Remnant.

“Though I speak with the tongues of Men or Angels”

By Greg Somers

I was a practitioner of “Angelic Tongues” for almost 30 years in my own Church experience, but after careful study in an attempt to clarify the truth of the gifts of the Spirit in a practical daily use, I decided to put the spotlight on the gift of angelic tongues and what I found changed my entire outlook on the matter. Here is what I found.

Though I speak with the tongues of men & of angels, and have not love, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling symbol.” (1 Cor 13:1 KJV)

Going back to the Greek we find the following.

"Though:" In the Strong’s concordance this "though" is characterised as "a particle of conditionality" or = "suppose" or "for as much." It is a theoretical idea. "What if?" or "let’s just say." It is not a definitive statement or the premise to an actual truth. Paul goes on to say "though I have all knowledge..." but we know he doesn't!

"Tongues:" The Greek word is "glossa" (strong’s ref # 1100) which means a language (earthly) but not naturally acquired. It is the spiritual gift of a language that one does not naturally speak. With this supernatural blessing, you can now speak another earthly language (that you could never speak before) so that God can speak through you to others of another culture.

"Angels:" Greek "aggelos" (strong’s ref # 32) Aside from one scriptural reference in Luke 20:36, this word is used for the entire New Testament. It means "bring tidings" or "messenger." Its usage has no particular spiritual slant or preference to "spiritual" or "heavenly beings," rather it relates to the earthly role of "the shepherd" driving or prodding the flock forward together in one direction.

I also decided to look at other references often used to justify the language of tongues as an unintelligible stammering - often referred as the spirit making utterance in us.

“ For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.” (Isaiah 28:11 KJV)(the bible margin links directly to 1 Cor 14:4)

“Thou shalt not see a fierce people, a people of deeper speech than thou canst perceive; of a stammering tongue, that thou canst not understand.” (Isaiah 33:19 KJV) 

"Stammering:" In the Hebrew "law-ag/ la-ag" (Strong’s ref # 3932) means foreigner, buffoon, mocker. Imitating a foreigner or an earthly language. This stammering never refers to some "heavenly language" but links perfectly with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the Day of Pentecost.

I Also decided to look at the incidences where the scriptures state “the Angel of the Lord” and again, the word used was "aggelos."

I next looked at the concept of being "filled with the spirit."

"Pletho:" ("Filled;" play-tho, Strong’s ref # 4130) It is used in Acts 2:4 regarding the gathering of the upper room and in Luke 1:15 describing John the Baptist being filled in the womb. It means; "imbue," "influence" or "supply." Ephesians 5:18 KJV states: “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.”("Filled" strong’s ref # 4137 ‘pleroo’ play-ro-o) means to "make replete," "to cram," "to furnish," "satisfy," "finish." It describes what filling means. Not what you are filled with.

"Pneuma:" ("Spirit" Strong’s ref # 4151) "payoo-mah" means "breath," "spirit," "rational," "soul." It is the same word used for the entire New Testament. The word used for "Spirit" in the Old Testament is likewise used almost exclusively.

"Ruwach;" ("Spirit" Heb - Strong’s ref # 7307) mean exactly the same as the Greek; "Breath," "wind," "mind" or "thoughts" of God. There is no inference of "a spiritual out-pouring" or "outward manifestation."

I also looked at the word "Holy;"

"Hagio;" (Strong’s ref # 40) means "sacred," "blameless," "consecrated," "innocent," "pure"

Finally I looked at "gifts"

"Charisma;" ("Gifts:" Strong’s ref # 5486) means "a divine gratuity," "a spiritual endowment," "religious qualification," "a miraculous faculty." Again - NOT an outward display.

After some study, I could only draw to the conclusion that the "outward spiritual gibberish" that I had always assumed was "speaking in tongues," had NO basis in Scripture.The Bible identifies "tongues" as  legitimate languages, a gift to be used under strict instruction in its daily usage. You see, when I look back at my own experiences of using "tongues," I have to say that I was introduced to it as a young and ignorant Christian who trusted those around me to guide me. I was used to seeing and hearing it practised, but NEVER was it questioned and neither was I encouraged to do so. I was left with no choice other than to just accept it as a "fait d’accompli" or "just accept it as a given." The first expression of "tongues" in Acts 2:4 was clearly identified as speaking in other "foreign languages." My own experiences were just accepted as normal - experience backing up already held beliefs. An assumption that I now know as being incorrect.

When Paul was referencing "tongues" in 1 Cor 13 he wasn't trying to describe spiritual gifts to us or how to use them. He was in fact  talking about "Love!" He was saying "love" is EVERYTHING and it needs to be our whole goal, love being the motivation for everything we do. How can we have the power of God and use it wisely if we don’t have the "Love" of God? We would assuredly abuse our power to hurt all those who have hurt us or those who refuse to listen to us. Proof? Just look at the Disciples when they asked Jesus to “call down fire from heaven” Jesus said “you know not what manner of spirit ye are of” (Luke 9:55)

I know now that I am being filled with the breath or the "Mind of God" when I OBEY the Lord. NOT by trying to display "supernatural utterances." The Gifts of God are not a show or a circus. Yes, the breath of God breathed upon me when I was called to be "born again" and converted. It quickened my mortal spirit, showed me that I there is more to being just a living soul. I am now alive to the mysteries of God and can receive them. The natural expression of being "filled with the Spirit" is to display the "fruit of the Spirit" which are all statements of a change of nature and character. Love, hope, kindness etc….Putting off the old man and putting on the new. Rejoice - We’re being changed from glory to glory!

With much Love….Greg

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